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New prospective open-label study on anidulafungin for invasive candidiasis in children

Recommendations for using anidulafungin (Ecalta/Eraxis) to treat invasive candidiasis in children are largely extrapolated from trials in adults. Dr Roilides and colleagues have published data from a trial of 49 children reporting a global response rate of 71% and a drug-related adverse event rate of 37% (10% discontinued due to AEs).

Fungal Infection Care Ghana’s CPA Awareness Seminar on World Aspergillosis Day

On February 1st World Aspergillosis Day was marked around the world, with several events occurring. In Ghana, Fungal Infections Care (FIC) held a seminar to raise awareness of chronic pulmonary aspergillosis (CPA).

Authors propose best urine antigen testing protocol for initial detection of histoplasmosis

The initial symptoms of histoplasmosis are often non-specific and, though the disease generally responds well to antifungal therapy early in its progression, it can develop into a serious illness if undetected. Therefore, rapid and accurate diagnosis is necessary.

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