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Fungal asthma prevalence estimated for Sweden and Africa

Antifungal treatment can be useful for patients with severe asthma and fungal sensitisation, but this is limited by a lack of prevalence data. Two new papers aim to address this for Sweden (Backman et al) and 13 countries across Africa (Kwizera et al).

Cluster of paracoccidioidomycosis cases in children in Argentina during the 1982-3 El Niño anomaly

Serious systemic paracoccidioidomycosis infections are often associated with men working in agriculture. Dr Guisano and colleagues describe a cluster of six cases in children in the NEA area of Argentina that occurred during the 1982-3 El Niño Southern Oscillation climatic anomaly, and suggest that climatic and anthropogenic changes may have played a role

Tiña imbricata: una micosis superficial rara

La tiña imbricata es una micosis superficial crónica causada por el hongo Trichophyton concentricum. Es endémica en América Central y del Sur, el Suroeste del Pacífico y el Sudeste Asiático, y afecta principalmente a las personas que viven en condiciones primitivas y en entornos aislados.Los pacientes suelen presentar una erupción concéntrica, con picazón, escamosa, que […]

Oropharyngeal histoplasmosis: a manifestation of disseminated disease

Histoplasmosis is a fungal infection endemic to areas of Central America and Midwest USA. Most people develop a mild form of infection and are asymptomatic; if symptoms do occur they are usually flu-like, but can vary greatly. In a few, usually immunosuppressed, patients the disease can progress to life-threatening, disseminated histoplasmosis. Dr Thais Pincelli and colleagues recently reviewed all 10 cases of oropharyngeal histoplasmosis identified over a 21 year period at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

ECCMID 2019 presentations: burden of fungal disease estimates for Namibia, Paraguay and Kyrgyzstan

This week a team from the University of Manchester, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and GAFFI presented work at ECCMID showing the burden of fungal disease estimates for Namibia, Paraguay and Kyrgyzstan, and that fungal keratitis leads to over 600,000 blind eyes annually

1 in 15 TB sufferers go on to develop chronic pulmonary aspergillosis, treatment could save 1000s

A collaboration between scientists in Manchester and Uganda reveals that around 1 in 15 tuberculosis patients go on to develop chronic pulmonary aspergillosis (CPA), via cavities left by the tuberculosis. Prompt diagnosis and antifungal treatment has the potential to save many thousands of lives.

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